The idea of ​​organizing Gjakova Highland Marathon was initiated by the mayor of Gjakova Mimoza Kusari – Lila, an initiative that later received support from a group of passionate people for running.

By giving institutional support to the marathon, Mimoza Kusari-Lila gave a strong boost to the idea of ​​running and promoting good health. In addition, Mimoza Kusari – Lila encouraged that through running to promote the nature of environmental protection as well as the overall development of the Gjakova municipality and the highland of Gjakova, an area that was once unfairly divided, thus separating among themselves the remaining Albanian families on both sides of the border.

Gjakova Highland Marathon is a running race which this year is organized for the second time in the relation Gjakova – Bajram Curri, thus becoming the first interstate marathon between Kosovo and Albania.

While last year the cause of the marathon was “Run for nature” and the funds were dedicated to planting 900 seedlings along the marathon path, this year the cause is based on the United Nations campaign entitled “He for She” which aims to engage men to be the voice of change by motivating them to take action against gender inequalities. This year, the raised funds will be dedicated to homes that care for mistreated women, in Kosovo or Albania, by contributing to their well-being.

The organizer of the Gjakova Highland Marathon, which will be held on October 07, 2017, is the municipality of Gjakova in cooperation with NGO “PRO CULT”.